Our Coffee

Espresso Beans flavour profile

A punchy espresso with a thick syrupy texture, heavy bodied and with great depth of flavour, this blend works particularly well through milky lattes or cappuccinos.

A mocha based coffee with floral notes and black berry like flavours that develop into dark chocolate notes at the finish. A full bodied coffee that lingers on the palette.

Our Roasted Espresso Blend is made up of the following:

  • Brazil (20%)
  • Honduras (10%)
  • Ethiopian Mocha (50%)
  • Ugandan Robusta (20%)

Our Tea


Award winning Novus tea is a young, innovative and dynamic company specialising in the supply of premium leaf teas. Novus tea delivers exceptional taste and flavour and their commitment is evident by the many Great Taste Awards they have won.

English Breakfast

This blend is best described as full bodied, robust and rich in flavour. It produces an appealing colour when combined with milk. It is a blend of three whole leaf garden teas from Assam.

Sapphire Earl Grey

This blend is very smooth with natural bergamot flavour. It has a bright and coppery infusion and is sourced from Kandy in Sri Lanka. This blend is made using only pure Ceylon teas which provides more binding sites for retaining the distinguished flavour from oil of Italian Bergamot and Malva flowers.


The finest of India’s unblended teas, Darjeeling is grown on the slopes of the Himalayas in plantations called gardens. Novus Darjeeling is golden-red in colour and looks very attractive in the cup. It has a delicate, flowery aroma, and is great to drink at any time of the day.

Dragon Well Green Tea

Dragon Well is the most famous and popular type of tea in China. This tea offers an array of health benefits, and has a smooth subtle flavour with a sweet tasting finish.

Egyptian Mint 

Novus Egyptian Mint is a hearty caffeine free peppermint tea characterised as refreshing, cooling, and flavourful. Well rounded with no bitter after taste, Egyptian Mint is perfect for cleaning the palate and re-energising the body after a meal.

Citrus Chamomile

Novus Citrus Chamomile features hand sorted, whole chamomile, of the highest quality, blended with the equally soothing and stress relieving properties of lemongrass. Citrus Chamomile is an aromatic cup with the typical chamomile fragrance, and a taste that is well rounded with no bitter aftertaste.

Wild Encounter

Wild encounter is a truly unique blend of Hibiscus flowers and exotic dried fruits that produces a sweet tart, refreshing flavour.

Persian Pomegranate

Persian pomegranate delivers a succulent herbal brew. The fruit has exceptionally high levels of antioxidants that prevent free radical damage by limiting the build up of plaque in arteries. A tasty, refreshing drink, that poses amazing health benefits.

The natural cocoa

The natural cocoa good taste matured under the tropical sun is why this powder has enjoyed for more than 150 years and has an unequalled reputation. 32% cocoa and 50% Chocolate